Lands of Tamriel, an Epic Fantasy

Encumbrance, Endurance, and Stuff

There are NO bags of holding.

Encumbrance plays an important role in many Fantasy games. Fantasy characters need to carry a lot of equipment — armor, weapons, food, adventuring gear — and they often acquire lots of heavy treasure (such as chests of gold pieces).

For purposes of calculating Encumbrance, you should count not just worn/carried items, but items held in the hand as well.

The bad news – there are NO bags of holding.

The neutral news – you will not be obtaining the massive lootage like in past high fantasy games. Therefore you won’t have to carry as much.

The good news – since 99% of each loot opportunity will NOT have magic items, then that means the PC skills and attributes are going to count for more. This is a low magic, epic fantasy game where the PCs are the focus, not the most powerful magic item.

Characters must pay the END cost for Encumbrance in their first Phase of each Turn.

The table on page 153 of Fantasy Hero details Encumbrance, Endurance, Movement and DEX/DCV penalties. It is recommended that no one carry over 49% of their total capacity.

Carts, mules and other pack animals are allowed. Consider though, only the Hobbits seemed to carry the large loads. Perhaps they were the pack animals.

Due to the recent addition of ‘no need to sleep’ with Joe’s magic food cakes, the question of Long Term Endurance and walking all night has come into question. The normal human sleeps 8 hours to recover from the day’s activities. The magic food takes away the need to sleep, but it does not grant an END battery or END recovery. Therefore, to prevent long term endurance from ecruing during the daily activity, the character must rest during 1/3rd of the day. This means the character must find a place to sit or lay down and do nothing else during that time.


Moritz Moritz

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