Lands of Tamriel, an Epic Fantasy

Healing, Regeneration and Resurrection

Alternatives to Death


Healing is not instant. Nor will it be so slow that it slows down the progress of the party. A few simple rules to keep in mind when healing.

  • Healing is restricted to 30 active points (until otherwise advanced). Based on the math, the maximum healing would be 3d6 BODY (10 points per 1d6).
  • Healing comes from the school of Restoration only.
  • Healing must take Extra Time (>1 minute).
  • Healing requires Incantations, Gestures (touch), and Total Concentration (0 DCV).
  • Like all magic, the character must take Skill: ‘Able to cast Restoration Magic’ and then base the skill roll off INT. The higher the skill roll, the better/more efficient the healer.
  • Healing, like all magic, is powered by END.
  • Healing takes place after combat (out of combat). Then the party can get underway to the next battle.
  • Potions, herbs, salves will present as a viable alternative to Healing.
  • Most healing potions can be used during combat (see Potions section for details).



Resurrection will be nigh impossible in this game unless you want your character to become a Lich, Vampire, Zombie, or other things that typically die and come back. Like any fantasy world or works of fiction, there are times when characters are resurrected. This is not that time.


A character at or below 0 BODY is dying. He loses 1 BODY each Turn (at the end of Segment 12). This is usually referred to as “bleeding to death,” though it doesn’t necessarily involve loss of blood. Death occurs when, either due to attacks or “bleeding to death,” the character has lost twice his original BODY (i.e., when he reaches a negative BODY score equal to his starting positive BODY).

Example: If a character who normally has 10 BODY reaches -10 BODY, he dies. A character with a lower BODY, say 8, would only have to reach -8 BODY to die. If a character who normally has 10 BODY started the game with 6 BODY due to a previous injury, he still won’t die until he reaches -10 BODY.

This unpleasant fate is not inevitable. Another character can stabilize a character at 0 or negative BODY with a successful Paramedics roll (at -1 for every negative 2 BODY). This doesn’t give the wounded character back any BODY, it just stabilizes his condition so he doesn’t lose any more BODY. The GM should modify this number for circumstances. With good medical care, good food, rest, and warm and dry conditions, the character’s chances are greatly improved (+1 to +3). Poor conditions, such as dirt, additional shocks, and extreme cold, would impose a -1 to -3 penalty. See also Recovering BODY, page 424.


Moritz Moritz

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