Lands of Tamriel, an Epic Fantasy

Quick Reference

Aborting an Action: You can abort an action (to perform a block/dodge/dive for cover/activate a defensive weave/etc.) as long as you have not performed an action that phase. It uses up your next FULL PHASE of actions.

Actions: A PC may use/activate one Zero (0) Phase Action in the beginning or middle of a Phase. If a PC sacrifices ½ of a Phase they activate as many Zero (0) Phase Actions as they wish. If an attack is made, it is always the last thing a PC may do in a Phase. You may take a ½ move and then attack, but not the other way around.

Archery: Loading a bow/sling takes a ½ Phase action. Firing a bow/sling takes a ½ Phase at ½ DCV. PC’s may utilize the Rapid Arrow Fire and Prepared Arrow Fire maneuvers.

Area Effect: When an area effect attack roll is missed, the hex that gets hit is 1" off for every 1 point the roll was missed by, randomly role the direction. Up to a maximum of ½ the original distance.

Blocking: When Blocking, roll against the Attackers OCV.

Blocking With a Shield: If using a shield to block, you get the DCV bonus of the shield as an OCV bonus when performing the block. This is incredibly effective if a PC has purchased Martial Block for use with their shield.

Combat: Combat always begins on Segment 12, so everyone can take their Segment 12 action. Everyone also gets a chance to take a REC on Post Segment 12.

Coordinated Attacks: PC’s may use the coordinated attacks rule with other PC’s that have “similar” attacks. i.e. Two PC’s using ranged attacks may coordinate, just as two PC’s using melee attacks may coordinate. There are bonuses for 2 of the same “type” of PC attempting to coordinate their attacks.

Defenses: A PC gets his Resistant PD/ED against the BODY of a Killing Attack, and he gets BOTH his Resistant and Non-Resistant PD/ED against the STUN of an attack, but for every 1 BODY taken the PC takes a minimum of 1 STUN. If a PC gets hit in a location that has no resistant defenses then they get NO defenses against the attack whatsoever.

Disabling: Any PC taking their FULL BODY worth of damage from one attack after defenses, but before OR after the BODY multiplier will receive a Disabling wound. The standard Disabling charts will be used.

END: Using 5 Active Points in any power/skill/attack/characteristic uses 1 END. The exception to this is when using a weapon. If a weapon has a STR minimum of 15, and you are not adding any strength to increase it’s damage, you would only pay 3 END. You only pay END for the STR you are using (even if the weapon is doing 50 active points worth of damage).

Impairment: We will be using the Impairment rules. Any PC that takes BODY equal to 1/2 their BODY after defenses, but before OR after the BODY multiplier receives an Impairment. The standard Impairment chart will be used

Initiative: If two characters have the same DEX, the character with the highest INT gets to act first in a Phase.

Knockdown: If a PC takes a hit that does the their full BODY (after the Body Multiplier but before Defenses) then the PC gets knocked down and pushed back 1" for every 2 body over their Total. The PC must spend a ½ phase getting back on their feet.

Knocked Out: When a PC’s STUN is dropped below 0 they are Knocked out. They are at 0 DCV, and take X2 STUN from attacks. At the end of the segment any non-persistent powers turn off. Upon waking, a PC’s END is equal to their current STUN total. A PC can recover at a rate one level higher on the Recovery Chart if someone is helping to revive them.

Movement: costs 1 END per 5 inches. (base + weight/encumbrance)

Presence Attacks: For Each 5 points of PRE a PC may roll 1d6 for a Presence Attack. This total is compared to the defender’s PRE or EGO (whichever is higher), and then checked against the presence attack table.

Pushing: With a successful EGO roll a PC may Push his STR by 5 points, with 1 additional point for each point the EGO roll is made by. The PC uses up 1 point of END for each point of STR bestowed by the Push.

Recovery: A character may make a Recovery during any of their action phases, they are at ½ DCV. If they take any damage that segment the Recovery is aborted.

Second Weapon: A PC may use a second weapon as a “shield” of sorts for a DCV bonus of +1 against melee attacks only. They also get a +1 OCV bonus when using this weapon (in addition to their regular weapon) to block. They must have a 1 point Weapon Familiarity with the Second Weapons group.

Stunned: If a PC takes STUN (after defenses) equal to or greater then his CON he is stunned. A stunned PC is at ½ DCV, all powers that are not persistent turn off at end of the segment, and the PC can take no action until their next PHASE. It takes a FULL PHASE to recover, and they cannot take any action except to recover from the stun.

Sweep: PC’s may Sweep if they choose, each intended target after the first ads a cumulative –2 OCV modifier. The PC rolls for each target separately, as soon as one of the targets is missed the Sweep is over.

Weapon Damage: You may increase the damage done by a weapon with STR, Combat Skill Levels, or Martial Maneuvers up to double the DC of the weapon. If using STR to augment the damage of a weapon, you get an extra DC of damage for every 5 STR above the minimum for the weapon. It is slightly different for flails and picks. Flails get a Damage Class bonus for every 6.25 points above the minimum, and picks get a bonus for every 7.5 over the base strength requirement.


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