Lands of Tamriel, an Epic Fantasy

Racial Mods and Characteristic Max

Normal Characteristic Maxima is enforced.


Some races have qualities that outshine other races. Therefore, when consulting Racial Package Deals, look at the characteristic bonuses, add those bonuses to the characteristic maxima (20) and there you have the new characteristic max for that race.

IE: Cat-Folk Package Deal

+3 DEX

Normal Characteristic Maxima = 20 + 3 = 23 @ normal cost. Anything above 23 will double cost.

This also applies to negative numbers. If a race has a -# to their attributes, that number will be subtracted from 20 to come up with the normal characteristic maxima.

Professional Package Deals do NOT bump up Normal Characteristic Max.

There needs to be a reasonable cutoff/maximum of each characteristic. IE: Strength – characters do not need to be able to lift 1,200 lbs.


Moritz Moritz

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