Lands of Tamriel, an Epic Fantasy

Tactical Discussion and Kibbitizing

It is one thing to have talk in character about character X taking care of target 3. That is perfectly acceptable. What is not acceptable is one player telling another player that they should focus on a certain target and give recommendations or instructions on how the action/attack should be taken OOCly. Further, when a declaration of an action/attack/move is made, then that cannot be retconned.

Example 2: It is Player 1’s turn. Player 1 has decided to attack the third monster on the left. However, Player 2 wants that monster for themselves and when Player 1 tells the GM that they are going to attack the third monster on the left, Player 2 interrupts saying that Player 1 should do something else.

Example 2: Player 1 has attack options of Sword/Shield, Bow/Arrow, and Magic Missile Spell. Player 1 decides that he is going to attack the monster by shooting an arrow. Player 1 tells GM that they want to do this and Player 2 interrupts saying that Player 1 should attack the monster with the Magic Missile Spell.

It is fine to talk tactics prior to the battle, and even offer BRIEF suggestions during the combat (IE: Shoot it in the eye!). It is not fine to go into long, interruptive, game delaying, soliloquies stating how someone else should be playing their character.

Battles in the HERO system last long enough as it is. We do not need additional metagaming and kibbitizing to slow it down.

If this becomes a problem, then a players time will be limited. Therefore, players must know what their characters will do when it comes their turn.

Battles can NOT last 4 hours real time.


Moritz Moritz

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