A Silverlyn bard who's curiosity and adventurous spirit gets into trouble.


Larue is as fair an Altmer as any alive, almost to the point of being an albino, but no pink eyes. She is very tall with long white hair and pale honey skin. She wears light armor when she fights, but prefers soft clothing which allows her to move silently. She carries a whip and a silver dagger and a great sword.

Her voice is so compelling that people always stop to listen.


Found by a traveling company made up of Nords and High Elves, she was raised by traveling merchants. Her unique looks and dynamic voice made her a favorite on the trade routes. During her free time she learned all the tricks and trades she could manage. She also listened for any story she could and turned them in to bardic tales to entertain the populace.

As the years passed by, the trade routes became too mundane and the stories became repetitious. Leaving her foster family without a word, she has moved south from small town to city; learning and singing, loving and fighting, and occasionally getting into trouble.

Her latest trouble put her in the path of a bear, while covered with honey. Rescued by her current companions, she’s amassing money and fame. The favor of Jarl Balgruff has presented opportunities and she currently pursues favor with the Bardic Guild in Solitude.


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