Background Information

In Brief:

The individual party members (PCs) all come from remote lands (based on your race/personal history) to the northernmost region/province of the Tamriel Empire, called Skyrim seeking work and or adventure. If any two or more of you happen to be of the same race/origin, then it’s likely you either know one another from your homeland or you encountered each other while traveling. Either way, be familiar with said companion.

The adventure will open with the various individuals (PCs) having made it into the borders of Skyrim where they will encounter one another while stumbling upon an ancient location.

This means, come prepared. You’ve been on the road for days/weeks/months and your gear should reflect that. There will be no shopping for additional items or supplies before the first encounter.

Work in Skyrim:

There is a silent civil war raging in Skyrim. The Stormcloaks (comprised of mostly Nords who want their homeland free of the empire) and the Imperials (from the imperial seat of Cyrodil which is a province to the south of Skyrim). The Emperor (whose name I cannot recall) has sent troops from the Imperial City to reinforce the various imperial holds and squash the rebellion. It is not yet an all out war, but it is a buildup of forces as the Stormcloaks make small guerrilla strikes against key imperial locations. There is not currently a Stormcloak capital or stronghold; No key point for the empire to strike. However, the leader of the rebellion is a man named Ulfric Stormcloak and he was recently captured, nearly executed, and escaped an Imperial outpost called Helgen during a Stormcloak raid.

At this point, it’s not important to choose a side. There’s always work for unaligned persons. But as the game progresses, it’s highly likely that some of you will want to join one of the factions. Essentially, the Nords want their freedom. They no longer wish to pay taxes, live by foreign laws, or pledge fealty to the empire. While the empire has brought much trade and progress to the Nord way of life, there are still those unhappy about the infraction upon their lands.

There are plenty of PC opportunities in Skyrim outside the background/metaplot civil war. There are jobs/adventures to be had around every corner and from a large percent of NPCs.

In addition to random jobs, there are quest chains throughout the world. These quest chains offer rewards beyond just gold and items. Often times you’re given land, civic rights, the ability to buy a home, or even granted companions (to fight alongside you (xp will not be shared)) or servants called Housecarls (persons whose purpose in life is to serve – this is due to something one of their ancestors may have done).

To find a quest chain, one will likely seek audience with houses (royal or otherwise), guilds, or organizations. You’ll also be given opportunities to join one or many of these groups, depending on the faction conflict (if it exists or not). There are some factions that are offered that aren’t recommended. It just depends on you all as a group to consider it out of character-ly (OOCly).

There are standard guilds; Fighters, Thieves, (Service/Trade), Assassins (Dark Brotherhood), etc. The Mages Guild that was once prevalent 500 years ago is no longer a viable option as it’s long defunct. However, there is a location in north Skyrim called the College of Winterhold. There, it’s rumored that, those still gifted in the art of magicka gather to share what they know and to research and learn spells. It’s just a rumor though. In all instances, the guilds are also a place to go for work/quests.

Background Information

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