Adventure Journal


April 13, 2013 (1)

• Coming from many regions, the Heroes of Tamriel encountered one another either on the road or at the Guardian Stones of Falkreath.
• The Heroes answered the call of Hadvor, a Nord who was being stalked by 4 wolves.
• The Heroes were able to dispatch 3 of the 4 wolves. The 4th became a companion of the druid.
• Hadvor suggested they come to Riverwood (just north of their location) and he will reward them accordingly.
• They then confronted the Guardian Stones. The Bard told of legends and lore which depicted that the three Guardian Stones would offer blessings to whomsoever paid tribute to them. He described the three stones, Warrior Stone, Thief Stone, and Bard Stone. The Bard went first. Others followed his lead and they were blessed as suggested.
• The Heroes were then discovered by a duo of passing hill giants which the Tigara quickly dispatched. The party gained a cow.
• After investigating the bodies, the Panthar noted that they were headed back to their lair and the Heroes choose to investigate.
• Three more hill giants were discovered at their lair and the Heroes assaulted. The Tigara once again dealt with the nefarious beasts.
• Having nothing else to do, the Heroes then ventured north to Riverwood where they were met by Hadvor and his uncle, Alvor and aunt, Sigrid. The party was rewarded with goods and offered to stay the evening in a warm bed. The Heroes were also privy to information regarding the escape of Ulfric Stormcloak (leader of the Stormcloak Rebellion) and rumors that ‘their be dragons in these lands’. The rumor is discounted as nothing more than delusional fear of the unknown and that dragons have been extinct for 500 years.
• They were offered a job to rid Riverwood of the other tribe of Hill Giants that lived to the east. 5 gold coins were offered and the Heroes accepted the job.
• The next day, the Heroes ventured east where they soon discovered a hill giant lair.
• The assault was not without issues as the Heroes found themselves bogged down by rocks and debris as well as the giants’ ability to resist damage. However, in the end, the heroes won the battle and Tigara killed 4 more giants; thus increasing her kill total to 8 out of 10 giants faced.
• Looting the area, the party discovered two more cows (Blacky and Spot) who belonged to the citizens of Riverwood. They also discovered two Nord bodies, coins, and various armor/weapons and goods. The party also discovered a battle standard which was not identified until…
• The druid noted that the Heroes were being spied upon and called the person out. The individual was identified as Grungar, member of the Denastor Clan who are encamped in the Ruins of Bthalft to the southeast of the hill giant lair.
• Grungar wanted the clan standard that was among the debris within the lair. He claimed it belonged to his clan and that the hill giants had taken it during a raid upon the Orsimer camp.
• The party nearly denied it when the heroic Orsimer (member of the party) discovered that the standard pole contained an unknown object within. However, determining that the object was more religious than of having significant value, they allowed Grungar to depart with the standard.
• After a brief scouting about, the Heroes then returned to Riverwood for their reward.
• Alvor noted that the heroes should travel to Whiterun and seek work from the Jarl Balgruff. But he warned that the road between Riverwood and Whiterun would be dangerous as brigands are encamped within the ancient Dwemer citadel called Bleak Falls Barrow.
• Being the brave adventurers they are, the Heroes decided to dispatch the brigands and take what the nefarious criminals have looted.
• Revealing his magical abilities, the ‘Bard’ demonstrated he could fly and thus the heroes were able to get the ‘drop’ on the brigands.
• Once inside, and able to focus, the Heroes noted a Dwemer combination door which was sealed preventing further delving into the citadel. They worked with the lock and discovered it was unpickable (by their skills and ability) and decided to call it a day, to camp.

End Session: 3 XP Gained, Guardian Stone Blessing Gained

June 8, 2013 (2)

• Waking, and doing their morning rituals, the party prepared for the day.
• Unable to proceed deeper into the Bleakfalls Temple because of not having the key to the puzzle door, the party made a decision to return to Riverwood and collect the reward for the slaughter of the brigands.
• Exiting the temple, the party came under attack from a band of Orsimer archers. The party were able to overcome the ambush and loot the bodies.
• The party then continued to Riverwood.
• By dusk, the party encountered Gerdur standing on the northern road of Riverwood. He was dressed in his Imperial armor and appeared as if he were waiting for someone or something.
• The party entered Riverwood and collected their reward from Alvor, but were met with slight racial hostility due to unrevealed stress that the work camp was under.
• Guillame encountered the maiden Hod in search of a means to repair his armor pieces. She agreed, but he noted, while departing, that she was secretly wearing armor beneath a dress. He questioned the situation, and she warned him not to speak of it and to leave town.
• The party decided to camp outside the confines of the town for the evening. To the north, they encountered a larger gathering of Stormcloaks who were amassed in some sort of rally. Discovering that the Stormcloaks were intent on raiding Riverwood and purging it of Imperial presence, the party chose to move on. But not before selling their looted weapons.
• Once out of sight, Thrace took flight to Riverwood to warn the township of the impending threat.
• The next day, the party pressed onward toward Whiterun Hold, not interested in returning to Riverwood due to the internal strife.
• In route, the party encountered a beautiful, nude, Bosmer maiden tied to a large rock and covered in honey. Approaching her was a large bear.
• Mi befriended the bear and the maiden was rapidly approached by Alexander who proceeded to lick the honey from her body.
• The party then freed the maiden. She introduced herself as Larue, a traveling Bard. She was clothed and outfitted with a short sword.
• The party pressed on and soon were assaulted by Hill Giants who threw a cow at them. The party defeated the giants and were able to loot a few unnecessary items and herbs.
• The party moved northward toward Whiterun Hold.
• Around dusk, they encountered a knight on horseback wearing Daedric Armor and carrying a magical sword.
• The knight offered a hand to the mouthy and approaching Larue who took his hand and was drawn upon the horse with him. Tossing two gold coins upon the ground in front of the party, the knight then began to ride away with Larue.
• Protesting, Larue picked the purse of the knight and chose to flee into the wooded area. The knight did a move by and knocked Larue to the ground where he then proceeded to leap upon her and render her fully unconscious.
• The rest of the party then engaged. After a brief struggle, the knight was rendered unconscious. However riders were approaching carrying the banner of Whiterun.
• Engaging, the riders approached the party and questioned whether or not they had seen their lord, the Jarl Balgruff of Whiterun. (Jarl is the Nord word for King or Lord.)
• The Orsimer, Torn, came clean about the situation and told the riders what had happened.
• Finding humor and seeing strength in the situation, the riders did not assault the party. They also chose not to wake the Jarl until the party was well out of range and the Jarl was safely back in Whiterun Hold.
• It was suggested to the party to travel east to Eastmarch and to the hold of Windhelm where they would encounter the Jarl Ulfric.
• Footnote: In the next game, the party will need to +roll intelligence to see if they put together who Ulfric is.

End Session: 3 XP Gained.

June 30, 2013 (3)

• The party continued eastward toward Windhelm and Windhelm Keep. Yet still remain within Whiterun territories.
• Alexander, Thrace and Mi came down with the Crimson Flux.
• Coming upon the Battle-Born Farm, the party engages Alfhild Battle-Born and her companion Gwendolyn. There the party trades a cow and labor for armor, food, and a place to rest for the night. Torm got lucky.
• The next morning, the party continued east.
• Thrace and Mi got over the Crimson Flux.
• After a few hours travel, they came upon a Sabre Cat lair, heard the cries of a humanoid within, and started to investigate. Mi detected that there were two sabre cats and kittens within the dark cavern, and instead of going in to save the humanoid (who was soon slain by the cats), the party reluctantly departed.
• Further east, the party came upon a Draugr Skeleton. It animated upon their approach and a battle began. It was soon discovered that there were 3 other Draugr Skeletons and a Necromancer which controlled them. The Necromancer was upon a rise and the party struggled to fight their way up to him. With alchemical fire, the Necromancer set fire to two members of the party and then set fire to himself and two other members.
• They were able to loot a dagger and 3 lesser ‘soul stones’. Crystals that capture and store soul energy upon the death of the target. Soul Stones are items that recharge magical artifacts.
• The party discovered ‘The Ritual Stone’. A standing stone of the Necromancers. Thrace and Larue placed their hands into the circle and were given an unknown blessing.
• The party then spotted a large caravan of Dunmer Refugees traveling westward. Approaching, the party engaged in conversation and trade.
• They learned that the Red Mountain of Morrowind had erupted once again and covered most of the lands in a thick ash. The isle of Vvardenfell, formerly destroyed by the Red Mountain over 100 years ago, is once again starting to rise within the gulf of Morrowind. Upheaval and chaos spread across the land and many Dunmer refugees flee to nearby Skyrim and Cyrodiil. Six days ago, the refugees were turned away from Windhelm and told to seek refuge within the lands of Whiterun. Rumors suggest a dragon lives at the heart of Red Mountain and has willed the return of Vvardenfell to rise above the seas. The party is also warned of a brigand encampment to the east. Brigands who charge a toll to pass through the chasm that discerns the lands of Whiterun in the west and lands of Windhelm in the east.
• The party presses on, encounters the towers and decides to avoid the brigands. Instead, Thrace barrels headlong into the brigands and engages, nearly getting the party killed in the process.
• Choosing once again to move up the mountain, the party licked their wounds and spotted a light higher up the mountain.
• The next morning, the party moved up the mountain to investigate the light. They discovered two Stone Giants in the location called Guldun Rock. The giants were peacefull and engaged the party in broken conversation about the trials of everyday life in Skyrim. The giant, MeeGul admitted to tossing large rocks over the ledge to scare the brigands below. The party also learned of a nearby area filled with Draugr, called Hillgrund’s Tomb.

End Session: 3 XP Gained, Blessing of Ritual Stone gained by Thrace and Larue.

July 6, 2013 (4)

• Lion-O was still stricken with the Crimson Flux and useless.
• The heroes chose to follow up on the lead that the Stone Giants gave them about a nearby tomb (within half a day’s walk) called Hillgrund’s Tomb.
• Arriving at the tomb, the party discovered a male Nord named Golldir who was wanting to re-enter the tomb and kill the necromancer as he was under contract from Windhelm’s Stewart (Jorleif). He was also charged with gaining the Jade Claw. Something that the party knew they had to have to enter the Bleak Falls Temple.
• Implying that Golldir is to leave and that the party will take over the adventuring, Golldir feared for his life (with good reason) and fled into the tomb to retrieve his personal possessions with the goal of escaping the party.
• The party pursued the Nord into the tomb and were immediately engaged by Draugr. Golldir moved into the darkness deeper within the tomb while the party fought the undead.
• While fighting, the party noticed that one or two of the Draugr were becoming reanimated after ‘death’. This lead them to question the Necromancer/Ritual Stone’s effect on the two that touched it.
• In the mix of it, Golldir attempted escape but was shot down by Tigara. She did warn him.
• During they fight, the heroes discovered that Golldir’s lifeless form did not have the claw, but did come back to ‘unlife’ when Thrace drew near to it. A key was discovered.
• The heroes defeated the Draugr, looted, and burned the bodies.
• Pressing deeper, the party encountered the dead bodies of Golldir’s comrades (who also did not have the claw) and then were attacked by 3 more Draugr.
• Once defeating the Draugr, the party took note of two doors. The key fit the doors. They opened one and discovered a storage room with many fresh vegetables, a leatherworking bench, and a small chest.
• The chest was opened, trapped, and drained the CON of three party members. Within the chest was 20 gold coins and an amulet which was identified as one of the Stones of Barenziah.
• Giving the cats time to forage for herbs to cure the members of the drain, the other party members took care of necessary repairs or modifications.
• Upon return of the cats, the party pressed on and found the sanctum of Hillgrund’s Tomb. Where they found many fallen Draugr bodies and the enflamed body of the Necromancer. Also within the sanctum was a Scamp from the plane of Oblivion.
• The Scamp engaged the party from a cloaked vantage but that did not stop the party from killing it outright. However Larue nearly died.
• Healing Larue, the party gathered up the supplies, found a wagon, and returned to the Stone Giants at Guldun Rock where they gifted the wagon’s contents to the giants.
• The party then got into an argument about the definition of murder and who was /good/ and who was /evil/. PS: Necromancy in Skyrim is illegal and a hanging offense because it is considered /evil/. Just as worship of the Daedra is considered illegal.

End Session: 1 XP Gained.
Arguing Experience: Will, Joe, Sharon, Noelle: 0.25 points.
No Ding-Ding shooting points awarded.

August 25, 2013 (5)

• With the Jade Claw (key) in their possession, the party decided to return to the Bleak Falls Temple where they intended to pass through the vault door. However, not knowing the intentions of the Jarl of Whiterun, the party decided that it would be best to travel clockwise around the Throat of the World mountain range and avoid the majority of the Whiterun region. Doing this would add nearly 2 weeks to their journey. Yet, it would be safer.
• Traveling down the northeast face of the mountain, the party encountered a vast ravine bridged by a massive fallen tree trunk. A perfect place for an ambush.
• The ambush was a reality. The party was attacked by 6 Bosmer brigands. Killing 3, capturing 2 of them and letting another escape, the party were able to question the Bosmer. They discovered the brigands had been working the ravine (and nearby area) for nearly 20 days and making a profit. The 2 that were captured were killed after the information was given. The party also discovered 2 sets of Glass Gauntlets and a Glass Helm.
• Thrace and Guillame descended into the ravine to search for fallen treasures. They found a slaughter-fish that Thrace brought back up to camp for the cats to eat.
• The party continued down the mountain and discovered a road.
• They came upon the border of Eastmarch and Whiterun where an abandoned Imperial toll booth stood in ruin. Searching the area, they discovered baskets of rice and leeks along with an old bedroll and cold fire pit. Further searching revealed a well and within the well was a Wisp-mother. A creature of pure energy that could cast lightning.
• They quickly ascertained that they should not attack the creature; and that communication would be best. The Wisp-mother was amicable to Thrace’s universal translations and told him of a trapped ghost that she can hear wailing to the north east. She asked if he could help the ghost, and in return she revealed a magical book contained within the basket of rice.
• Thrace opened the magical book to reveal it being titled, “The Warriors Charge” and is a book that grants +1 to a character’s Conjuration Skill Roll.
• The party traveled northeast (in the complete opposite direction of their destination) to find a cavern called the Lost Knife Hideout.
• At the Lost Knife Hideout, the party encountered mercenaries who were working the cave (looting) from the nearby Fort Amol. The party attacked and killed 4 of the 6 and confronting the last two engaged in parley. There the party learned of the mercenaries motivations and learned that the mercs were just a group of 6 individuals looking to score some hidden treasures. The mercs also revealed knowledge of a moaning in the lower cavern that they thought was the wind. The party allowed the two living to leave the cave. Another book (“Words and Philosophy”) was found that increases the reader’s two-handed combat with a greatsword by +1.
• Descending deeper into the cave, the party found an iron ring imbedded into the stone wall, a chain locked to that ring, that ended in an iron shackle. Only Thrace could see the true nature of the situation: A ghost named Indurst was chained to the wall and had been for over 1000 years.
• Thrace spoke with the ghost and learned of his history. That he’d been chained here by his cousin due to a love affair with his cousin’s betrothed. The ghost then told Thrace to take the shackles (if successful in freeing him) to the Shrine of Julianos that is located to the north east of their present location. Thrace surmised that the Shrine was in or near a fort he had earlier spotted while flying. The shackles were unlocked, and the ghost disappeared into the beyond. An exit appeared and allowed the party to leave the cavern system.
• The party continued north-east for another several hours to find a small fort that was once controlled by the Empire, however is now under the control of the Stormcloak Rebellion. Outside the fort is a small marketplace with 3 tents. One selling Nord armor (iron), the other selling Nord weapons (iron), and the third a small band of Kajiit traders selling trinkets, foodstuffs, gear, and Moonsugar (an illegal narcotic).
• The Nord showed Mi kindness by referring her inside to take care of minor armor crafting and in return, she offered to help him. He said that his wife had taken ill from the crimson flux and needed curatives. With the help of Tigara, they were able to find a Joef nut that would rid the woman of the disease.
• Larue went into the fort looking for an Alchemist and then a tavern. Guillame entered in search of weapons/armor. Thrace entered in search of selling various items to the armor-smith. Thrace learned that the glass gauntlets and helm would hold magic energies – whereas Iron and Steel would not. Even though they would have to be recharged by filled soulstones, the glass items were of greater value. The blacksmith was reticent to share such information since magic is looked upon with high regard or skepticism. He referred Thrace northward to the College of Winterhold, where the last of the mages are convened.

End Session: 2 XP gained.
Items of Importance: Words and Philosophy (1 two hand great-sword), Warriors Charge (1 conjuration skill roll),

September 7, 2013 (6)

• Various party members shopped, drank, or sang, and Alexandr was summoned to meet with Field Commander Galmar of the Stormcloaks. A day would pass. Mi and Thrace came down with the Crimson Flux.
• Before departing Fort Amol (the next morning), the Khajitt trader told of a place to the south called Darkwater Pass. A location that the party may be interested in.
• Traveling south, and nearly reaching the river, the party came upon an elderly man leading his horse. They tried to communicate with the peasent but found he was mute.
• Just after they passed the man on the road, a band of Orismer assaulted the party. The PCs overcame the threat and were able to obtain 5 sets of Orismer full plate armor.
• Continuing west along the river, the party were ambushed by 3 giant frostbite spiders. The spiders were able to capture everyone in the party except Torn, whom escaped. The party was then taken back to the spider burrow and hung in coccoons, ready to be made a meal for the soon to hatch spider babies.
• Torn mounted a rescue and was able to get all his party out of the spider burrow without further incident/conflict. He also found a Dwemer Great-Axe that he claimed for his own.
• Gathering their possessions, the party travelled west along the river to come upon their destination, Darkwater Pass.
• Entering behind a waterfall, the party encountered a group of Falmer and quickly dispatched the creatures. They freed a Nord captive named Derkeethus who had been captured by the Falmer.
• They then came upon two options, a mud passage and a watery passage.
• Alexandr explored the mud passage to realize it was deeper than he thought, so he turned around.
• Then, wanting to get cleaned off, went to the watery passage where he was attacked by a Chaurus who wanted to pull Alexandr into the depths and drown him. However, the party had a rope around Alexandr’s body and pulled him to the edge where they then focused all their might upon the Chaurus’ head and eventually subdued and then killed the creature.

End Session: 2XP gained
Items of Importance: 5 sets of Orismer Full Plate, Dwemer Great-Axe, Falmer Armor Piercing Arrowheads

Saturday, October 19, 2013 (7)

• Various members came down with the crimson flux as others became better. Additionally, two other humanoids joined the party; an Orismer named Samiel and a Khajiit named Numa. Mi, Torn, and Thrace continued the assault into Darkwater Pass.
• The party killed another Chaurus and drove off another. Drained the flooded room and then pressed on to find several more Falmer to attack. Once that was over, they were able to loot two chests. One had a trap atop it that cast fireballs at living targets. They were then able to gather magical goodies.
• Leaving Darkwater Pass, the party continued westward and discovered a small road where they encountered, Ivanoff the Imperial Paladin where they exchanged words and labeled the Paladin an asshole.
• The next morning, they arrived at the ruin of Nilheim where they met a merchant named Telrav who was injured by an unseen skeever. They accompanied him into his camp where he made Numa a banner and did some light trading.
• They then discovered a group of standing stones on an island located within the lake if Geir and decided to investigate.
• Upon the island they discovered Geirmund’s Hall where several restless spirits meandered outside of the underground location. They spirits were engaged in conversation and the party learned some history of Lord Geirmund. They managed to convince a spirit to unlock the door into the hall.
• They entered the cavern (formerly a carven room) and discovered two skeever. Mi was about to befriend them when Numa killed both.
• The party then descended into an ancient, crumbling stair that led into a pool of water. Another iron door was discovered.
• Upon penetration of that iron door, the party encountered smaller frostbite spiders and several draugr which they dispatched. From there, they pressed on into a waterlogged series of rooms to discover a mammoth skull that was inlaid with silver and semiprecious gems.

End Session: 2XP Gained
Items of Importance: Vampire Dust, Void Salts, Scroll of Flame Blast (Thrace), Scroll of Frost Bite (Thrace), Amulet of Mara (Torn), a few Soul Shards, Black Soul Gem, Falmer AP Arrows, Falmer chitin armor.

Saturday, November 2, 2013 (8)

• After stripping the skull of its value, the party continued down a winding hallway that led to an open doorway which peered into a great hall which had an altar at the far end.
• Thrace noted a visual exchange between several spirits. Two notable spirits were Lady Isoalana and Lord Halivocor. The lady wept while the lord was sacrificed upon the altar by a necromancer.
• Thrace and Numa entered the room and would begin interacting with the spirits trying to discern information.
• Numa then attempted to stop the necromancer from cutting out the heart of the lord which awoken a wraith (the undead spirit of the necromancer, Athaor.
• With the triggering of the awakening, a stone door fell trying to block the rest of the party from entering. However, all but Alex and Larue were able to make it into the room.
• The wraith, along with 14 draugr began to assault the party.
• The party quickly discovered that the wraith had the ability to drain life and Numa took it upon himself to be the wraith’s primary target – so brave. The wraith then summoned a scamp, which would hunt Numa down to make the Khajiit his bitch.
• Thrace realized that the magic stiletto may have the ability to harm the wraith, however it needed to be charged. He obtained the stiletto, charged it, and passed it off to Torn to continue the assault.
• Soon thereafter, the wraith fell to the attacks from Torn. But not before most of the party fell to the hordes of draugr.
• A key was dropped.
• After healing, the party pressed on and found the hole where the key was to be placed. Revealing a grand stair upward to another level.
• The party also discovered magical traps in various chests that were scattered all around the
• On the upper level, the party discovered other corridors and an undead worg that attacked and nearly disemboweled Larue. Alex was then attacked from behind by a draugr archer who stayed to the shadows and used the terrain to his benefit. The battle lasted for quite a while and through various rooms and obstacles. Eventually the party was able to defeat the draugr whom they discovered was Geirmond’s corrupted corpse. They damaged the bow the draugr used and will need someone who can craft daedric metal to repair it.
• Entering the burial chamber of Geirmond, they found a sarcophagus with Geirmond’s sleeping ghost whom they awoke and told him that he was free to leave. Of which he did.
• The party then discovered an amulet fragment of which was discovered to possess great power.

End Session: 3XP gained
Items of Importance:
• Geirmond’s Bow: Heavy Bow 1.5D6 RKA, +1d6 Frost Damage
• Geirmond’s Amulet Fragment: Cast up to 40 active points of magika. Self modification only. Attack only.

Saturday, November 23, 2013 (9)

• Leaving Geirmond’s island, they set out to venture back to the Bleak Falls Barrow.
• In route, they encountered 3 vampires whom chose not to fight after Thrace verbally challenged them.
• Then the party came upon a cave called Haemar’s Shame, which housed many vampires. After cleaning it out, they pressed westward.
• They then encountered a hunter on horseback and later down the road came upon a Stormcloak encampment.
• They were warned to avoid a hagraven’s den further north west, so they continued westward.
• Finally they came upon the ruins of Fort Helgen which were occupied by Imperial troops that were attempting to rebuild it from what was reportedly a dragon attack. The entire fort was burned from and no survivors were noted.
• Further west, the party returned to the Standing Stones where Larue chose a stone to be blessed by.
• Then traveling northward, they came upon a small shack occupied by a woman named Anise. There, Thrace discovered that she was a mage like himself and he stayed a day to learn about Soul Trapping. The rest of the party returned to nearby Riverwood where they would stay the night and sell collected items.
• Once back together, the party returned to the Bleak Falls Barrow where they would encounter an Orismar party who had taken over the barrow and was working to delve deeper. Larue put all the orcs to sleep with a spell and the party went into the depths of the barrow to recover what was within. They acquired a stone tablet, a swanky sword and a few pieces of armor. The Jagged Crown was not to be found.
• The party then returned to Anise’s Cabin to complete what side quest Thrace needed to accomplish and they continued westward to explore about. They came upon another standing stone called “The Lady Stone”. Utilizing it, Larue and Thrace cleansed themselves of the “Ritual Stone”’s necromantic blessing.
• The party then traveled northward, discovered a tunnel through the mountains which returned them to the lands of Whiterun.
• The party then traveled north east to Whiterun castle where they would secure a long needed rest.

End Session: 3 XP gained
Items of Importance:
Stone Tablet

Saturday, February 8, 2014 (10)

• The party shopped and sold items.
• They met Eorlund at the Skyforge and commissioned him to build two Ebony Heavy Long Bows for the archers.
• Within the Bannered Mare Inn, the party was approached by Dragonreach Steward, Proventus Avenicci to declare that the Jarl is aware of their presence and to offer them welcome and no ill will.
• Additionally, the Steward offered them sellsword employment. The party opted to take the job of clearing bandits out of a fort two days to the west so that the Whiterun guard could seize and fortify the location.
• In route, the party came upon wolves and giants. Dispatching both.
• Then they came upon a Khajiit trading party of four members. Items were traded.
• The party continued onward and by dusk came upon Fort Greymoor. Numa reconned the fort from the air and felt/heard the presence of something very large fly overhead within the clouds. They knew of a secret sewer entrance in the back of the fort and decided to enter there. But they needed a distraction (using tactics). So Numa and Guillame lured a tribe of giants to the fort’s front gate. The giants and the bandits began fighting. This allowed the party to sneak in the back – through the smelly sewer.
• Once inside, the party came upon an argonian slave named Sliekus. They freed the slave and pressed deeper into the fort.
• They dispatched several slow moving bandits found in the barracks and then went into the dungeon to find Whiterun guard prisoners whom they also freed.
• Then upward into the tower, they came upon the Captain, his Sergeant and one of the mages. The party attacked and Numa was knocked unconscious. However, they party overcame the bandits.
• Moving to the tower roof, the party faux-befriended 3 other mages to assess the threat level and to investigate the progress of the giants. Discovering that the giants had killed 90 percent of the bandit population (of 42 persons), the party turned their weapons on the mages and knocked all three out. Then fled back into the fort’s interior where they hid and looted bodies.
• The fort was set ablaze by the giants who soon departed. Allowing the party to loot the fallen bandits.
• The party then returned to Whiterun to meet with the Jarl.
• The Jarl welcomed the party and took a special interest in Larue whom had spurned him months before.
• The party was rewarded for their accomplishments at the fort and further discussions about dragons were had.
• The court wizard, Farengar Secret-Fire inquired about the dragon-stone that would be found at bleak falls barrow. The party presented him with the stone tablet they had secured and from it the mage discovered that the fabled return of dragons has some truth to it. Dragon talk was further discussed and finally another job was offered.
• The party accepted a job to clear out a nearby mine where bandits had taken residence.
• The party ambushed a bandit party and then returned to the mine/encampment and killed the rest of the villains.
• The party then returned to Whiterun to collect their payment.

End Session: 3XP gained.
Items of Importance:
Light Elven Gauntlets, Light Elven Boots (claimed by Tigara)

Saturday, February 22, 2014 (11)

• Payment was doled out and the party spent much time spending their new money.
• Alexander wished to retrieve the Jagged Crown. He knew it was nearby.
• Larue wished to travel to Solitude to join the Bard’s College
• The party made a deal for storage of goods in Whiterun.
• Thrace wished to retire and become the housecarl of Anise near Riverwood. The party will wish to use him just as she will in the near future. The party will also store things here, including the Enchanting Table.
• The party was rejoined by Samiel the Orsimer Warrior.
• The party returned to Whiterun and met up with Redguard men seeking a Redguard woman who was hiding within the inn. She has been branded a traitor to the crown of Hammerfell. The party turned down their offer for gold in exchange for her retrieval since they could not enter the city.
• On the road, they came upon the house of Alfhild Battle-Born once again. It had been 3 months since their last presence here and Alfhild was with child. The child of the Orismer, Torn.
• Traveling northward, the party came upon giants, defeated them.
• Then came upon the north tower where Whiterun guards welcomed them to their fire.
• Further north the party came upon Cicero, a mad jester who was transporting a casket within a broken cart. He had no horse and begged help from the party. Alexander’s curiosity got the best of him and he opened the casket. Within he discovered the corpse of the Night Mother who then entranced and spoke to him while the others looked upon. This act made Alexander the ‘listener’. Larue became the ‘voice’ and Cicero was the ‘seer’. The Night Mother informed Alexander that he would give Cicero aid in her transport to Dawnstar where she would be kept within the town. The party agreed, reluctantly.
• The party continued onward toward the temple of Korvanjund. They enter, fight draugr and eventually a draugr lord. Once the lord was defeated, the party discovered that the Jagged Crown had been stolen by a thief who left a note. The note informed the party that the thief had what they sought and would be required to return to the inn in Riverwood and meet the thief.
• The party also discovered Meridia’s Beacon and was informed that they would be required to attend Meridia’s Shrine to purge it of the undead evil that had corrupted it. They would be rewarded when this was accomplished.
• They continued on northward toward Dawnstar and encountered a traveling merchant who had nothing they wanted.
• Onward, they came upon a Stormcloak controlled fort called Fort Dunstad.
• Further north, they came upon Dawnstar where the party came upon Silus Vesuisus who is an Imperial destruction mage and a citizen of Dawnstar. His house was partially redesigned into a museum of the Mythic Dawn.
• Delivering the Night Mother to the museum, Alexander was rewarded with the hilt of a shattered greatsword called Mehrunes’ Razor. The blade of Mehrunes Dagon, the Daedric Prince which started the Oblivion Crisis that nearly tore the world asunder and ruined the magic of the land (hence the 30 point cap of magical spells). Upon taking the hilt, Alexander received a vision that he must travel to the shrine of Mehrunes Dagon to begin his quest for the 3 other pieces of the greatsword.
o The Mythic Dawn was a secret cult that worshipped the Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon, and carried out an assassination plot which brought about the Oblivion Crisis and thus the end of the Third Era. Emperor Uriel Septim VII and his heirs were slain as part of an attempt to lead a Daedric invasion of Tamriel. The Mythic Dawn’s leader was Mankar Camoran, whose son Raven and daughter Ruma were his key lieutenants; of which all three were slain in 3E 433 by the Champion of Cyrodiil. The Mythic Dawn had many sleeper agents posing as regular townsfolk scattered throughout Tamriel, as well as a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon hidden in a cavern near Lake Arrius that served as their base. After the remnants of the Mythic Dawn were killed, Mehrunes Dagon’s artifact Mehrunes’ Razor was broken into four pieces. These pieces were hidden by several families, but were purportedly reunited in Skyrim during the Stormcloak Rebellion. A museum dedicated to the Mythic Dawn opened in Dawnstar in 4E 201.
• The party then chose to leave as they have large fish to fry.

End Session: 3XP Gained
Items of Importance:
Meridia’s Beacon, Hilt of Mehrunes Razor (Alexander), Note from a Thief about the Jagged Crown, The Corpse of the Night Mother

Saturday, March 8, 2014 (12)

• While departing Dawnstar, a city guard approached them and informed them that the Jarl has a quest for them and that the town needs their help.
• They met with Frorkmar Banner-Torn (stewart and military advisor) who informed them of the curse placed upon the town. Everyone had been having horrible nightmares and their memories were being ripped from their minds. He sent them to speak with Erandur, a priest of Mara who had come to Darkstar to investigate the curse.
• The party found Erandur within the Windspeak Inn. They greet and he explains the troubles. “The inhabitants of Dawnstar are in terrible danger, as the nightmares are a symptom of having their memories stolen by the Daedric Prince Vaermina. He explains that the nightmares are being caused by an event that happened in Nightcaller Temple, a ruin located on the clifftop overlooking Dawnstar.”
• The party accompanied Erandur to the temple above Dawnstar where they would enter and begin their quest.
• Entering the main hall of the tower, the party fought skeevers.
• Upon the back wall of the temple, Erandur cast a Mara specific spell and revealed a secret door that peered down into a very large circular chamber that had a glowing object within its center along with 4 sarcophagi.
• The party somewhat carefully entered the room willy nilly and Erandur stated that the item in the center of the room was the source of the curse and must be destroyed. The item was identified as the Skull of Corruption.
• Tigara attacked the Skull with an arrow and it triggered an assault by Orsimer ghosts and caused a force dome to appear over the skull’s dais.
• The party were well matched against the Orc ghosts and finally defeated the invaders. However, seconds after that, 6 Vaermina Devotees entered and assaulted the party with lightning and fire atronach summons.
• The party retreated back to the original room where they regrouped and after 20 minutes of rebuffing, they would start again.
• Re-entering the circular room, they discovered that the devotees had trapped the room with Lightning Runes. Luckily for them, Guilliame was able to see the runes due to his ability to see magic and magical effects. But not before Alexander triggered one of the traps.
• Using tactics, the party utilized the Draugr within the sarcophagi to trigger the traps. They also used the lids of the sarcophagi to try and maneuver down the hallway to the next room where they would face the devotees.
• Discovering that the hallway possessed a magical fire canon (just like the one discovered in Geirmond’s tomb), they attempted to face off against it and the devotees. This did not work so well and the party retreated once again to the upper hall.
• Using tactics, the party decided to gather ingredients to make a toxic gas bomb (total of 8 gold to make – discounted from 16 gold due to town circumstances. It should also be known that Erandur made the bomb for them). These items were obtained from Frida in the Dawnstar town shop called “The Mortar and Pestle”. This took a total of 2 hours and allowed the devotees to reset their traps.
• The party then tossed the bomb into the room and fled for another 2 hours to allow the effects to take.
• Re-entering the room, the party discovered that the magical fire canon was still active and that the devotees were all dead (really low and bad constitution rolls). The party looted the bodies and destroyed the Skull of Corruption (magical artifact)
• Returning to town, the party rested for the evening within the inn.
• The next day, the party approached the Jarl who thanked them for their services. They asked for 100 gold. He gladly offered that and also offered a parcel of land (which they denied). They took their leave of Dawnstar as heroes.
• The Nightcaller Temple was gifted to the followers of Mara and became the Temple of Dawn.
• Traveling westward toward Solitude, the party encountered guards, bears, wolves, bandits, and other common threats.
• They passed beneath a Dwarven ruin entrance called Mzinchaleft. But chose not to enter.
• Leaving the the Pale, they passed through the hold called Hjaalmarch. There they passed, but did not enter, the capital called Morthal. They pressed westward toward Solitude.
• Crossing the bridge called Dragon Bridge and then entering the town of the same name, the party did not stop until they came upon the Shrine of Meridia. There they were compelled to place Meridia’s beacon upon the altar and then were flown 3000+ feet into the air to meet with the energy form of Meridia herself. They were charged with the cleansing of her temple which had fallen into ruin and corruption. The cause of the corruption is a necromancer named Malkoran- who still resides within the temple. She promises that the party will be rewarded for their quest. The party is then placed back down upon the shrine, the door into the temple opened…

End Session: 3XP gained
Items of Importance:
Skull of Corruption (destroyed), Vaermina Devotees Robes (+2 lightning destruction skill roll), Vaermina Devotees Boots (10% electrical damage reduction, leather), 4 amulets of Mara, 6 amulets of Vaermina (I dare you to put them on). 10 elven daggers. 6 ectoplasm (ingredient)

Saturday, March 16, 2014 (13)

• Entering Meridia’s Temple, the party passed through a series of hallways before coming to the first room. There, they discovered Meridia’s light shining down onto another beacon that was positioned within an altar.
• Moving into the room, the party encountered another form of undead, Corrupted Shade. The Shade would drain (stun) the party upon touch.
• The party discovered that Meridia’s light is painful to touch and is to be redirected throughout her temple by manipulating the various beacons within. The beacons conveyed Meridia’s light.
• Room to room, they cleared the temple for the Daedra Meridia.
• Finally, they came upon the final room and faced Malkoran.
• After defeating Malkoran, they retrieved Dawnbreaker and Meridia summoned them high into the sky once again.
• Malkoran is vanquished. Skyrim’s dead shall remain at rest. This is as it should be. This is because of you. A new day is dawning. And you shall be its herald. Take the mighty Dawnbreaker and with it purge corruption from the dark corners of the world. Wield it in my name, that my influence may grow."
• Meridia then cleansed her temple with white hot light.
• The party continued on to nearby Solitude.
• Arriving in Solitude, the party witnessed the public execution of Roggvir, a Nord warrior, is a citizen of Solitude who worked as a city guard. According to his sister Greta, he opened the city gates to allow Ulfric Stormcloak into the city when he first came with the hidden intention of challenging the then-High King Torygg. After Ulfric killed Torygg in the challenge, he tried to escape the city, and Roggvir again opened the gate for him. Accounts of the incident vary wildly among the citizens; most claim that he was an accomplice in the murder. Greta believes that he was doing his job, and had no way of knowing what Ulfric had done.
• The party continued on and did some selling/buying of goods.
• Larue petitioned for membership within the Bards’ College and was given a quest.

End Session: 2 XP Gained
Items of Importance: Dawnbreaker (longsword, +2d6 Fire Damage vs Undead, chance of exploding 1 hex radius upon deathstroke upon undead)

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