East Empire Company Warehouse

The East Empire Company Warehouse is a warehouse on the Solitude docks immediately southeast of the city.

The building is the warehouse for the East Empire Company, whose headquarters are in Windhelm. It is locked with a leveled lock and you will be considered to be trespassing if you enter, additionally there is a Solitude guard patrolling just outside the entrance. Normally the warehouse is looked after by Dockworkers, the Dockmaster, and Snorreid, as well as a compliment of three Solitude Guards patrolling inside.
The interior of the Warehouse

Strangely there is a goat running loose in the warehouse. There is no apparent reason for this, and none of the workers or wardens seem worried.

There is a large amount of food, clothing, potions, and armor in the warehouse. There is also a large amount of rare books in the warehouse.


East Empire Company Warehouse

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